Friday, September 28, 2012


Last weekend a group of us went down to Havasupai. It was a great trip. There were seven of us total, We had two nights in the campgrounds, and two of our days were nice and overcast. We swam in the turquoise waters, we hiked to the major falls, we had fun. I took my little Canon G9 camera, and tried not to worry about photos too much.


Beginning the hike in:


Lil’ Navajo Falls:


We swam in the pool below Havasu Falls:


We hiked to Mooney falls, and tested our mettle on the chains and ladders that you must go down (here’s a video of somebody else doing it) to continue the hike:


And I got a closer look from the top of Mooney as well:


We made it all the way to Beaver falls, where we swam and cavorted in the water, ate a lunch, and hung out for a bit:


Most of use slept in hammocks, which allowed us a great slice of the stellar view at night (this being the only time the little G9 couldn’t get the picture I wanted):


We had a fairly leisurely hike out, stopping at the cafe in the Indian village to eat a breakfast at get some more coffee in our systems. On the hike one of our party caught sight of a little fox lounging in the shade:


And at long last we made it out, for the three hour drive back home, with a great parting view:


For all the pictures, see the Flickr Set Here

Monday, September 10, 2012

Changes and adventures

The big change around these parts is that I’ve asked Courtney to marry me. Hooray! Now for the wedding planning…

A picture, from right after I asked her, while swimming in Phantom Canyon (at the bottom of the Grand Canyon):


So that’s the big excitement. Other than that – I’ve got a hiking trip planned with room mate and friends to go down to Havasu Falls for a few days later this month. Next month I’m going to go out to D.C. to see my best friend again for a week or so.


Excitement abounds!