Monday, July 16, 2007

Wet Beaver Creek

Me and Scrappy-Do hit up Wet Beaver Creek last weekend for an early-morning hike up Bell Trail, and a little bit of swimming.

It has been probably 10 years since I went hiking along this trail (with dad, for fishing if i recall correctly), so it was great to not only get outdoos and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to relive a few memories.

We arrived at the trail-head at 6:45am, which was about an hour later than i had wanted to, but sleeping in took precedence. :)


*The View as we left the house*

*The trailhead has a sign with a little bit of history on the trail.*

*As well as a map outlining the wilderness area*

*The area is filled with pancake red-rocks and little burbling waterfalls. Check out the angle on the tree!*

*We headed up to the Bell Trail, which is about a mile in. Once you start climbing you are instantly rewarded with views unlike any other*


*The plant life along the creek and ridges is beautifull. Lots of cactus, so keep an eye on any animals (including children).*

*We hiked till it got hot, then turned around and headed back for the swimming hole. It soothes those sore feet like you wouldn't believe!*

*Now that is one very happy, very wet puppy!*


In all - it was a fabulous hike, that I'm sure we will be repeating in the coming weeks, though I am intent on getting there by 5:00am next time!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Her plan was solid!

If only she had read the rules of purchase. Absolutely hilarious video:

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Links

Finally, the USofA has taken back what may be the most important title in all of our history: Eating Hotdogs.


Talk about scarring your kids for life: My mom died when a big firework whacked her in the face.


The Big new movie Transformers did well (which we didn't get to see, but plan on going this weekend).


Looks like Philadelphia had a good show.


Now back to the grind. :(

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Best Marketing Ever

So, what do you when you just created the new Simpsons movie, and you want to get the word out? Simple: call up 7-11 and have them convert some of their locations into Kwik-E-Marts.  I only wish that there was one near me. :)

What happens when a goddess comes to the US?

She Gets Fired.


Link to original story of the Kumari found here.

TED talks

Some of the most brilliant and intuitive people presenting their ideas. Lot's of cool stuff here.

coolest tape dispenser, ever.

How cool is THIS THING??

Answer: Super Cool.