Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vacation Recap

Well, we survived vacation, and even managed to have a little fun while we were at it.



Other than the fact that everything costs twice as much at disneyland, it was a real blast!

We rode all the rides that we wanted to (DaNece's fav being Indiana Jones, and mine being the Haunted Mansion).

We got to use our fast passes all of twice, so i really don't think they were all that great of a deal.

Buzz LIghtyear's Astro Blasters is possibly the funnest interactive ride ever. Not only do you get to swing your spaceship from side to side, but you get to compete against eachother to see who can kill the most Zurg bad guys. I hate to admit it, but the little lady whooped my behind, and came out with easily double the points.... a little bit of my manhood has slipped away.

DaNece loved Space Mountain, and we found that if you close your eyes during takeoff (when they make you feel like you are spinning in a red tube) you dont get sick to your stomach when you are actually doing the twists and turns of the coaster.

They changed Pirates of the Carribean to include a Cpt. Jack Sparrow in a lot of the scenes, as well as adding a cool fog effect with Davy Jones, and overlaying some voices from the movies. All in all, we rode it probably 7 times, and it remains one of my all-time favorite rides.


Oceanside was a great time. We spent one whole day on the beach, and got sunburned like no other. We drove all around the area (looking for a walmart of all things) and just generally got to be our goofy selves.

One goals of the trip was to eat all local food, and in Oceanside this was a breeze! We at at Ruby's Diner on the Oceanside pier, and the food was good, but the Shakes were AWESOME!!! 

The local food theme continued as we ate at some hole in the wall mexican joint that had the most interesting tasting meat. It one dish it was sweet, and another kind of spicy.

We stayed in a motel 6 in oceanside, as the Dolphin Motel that we made reservations at looked more like a crack house than a hotel. The Motel6 was not much better. Besides being a poor layout (interior corridor to get to rooms, instead of exterior doors) the entire place kind of smelled. Oh well, it was $65 bucks a night which was a far cry cheaper than anywhere else, and we didn't feel bad about all the sand we dragged in there. :)

The only real bad part about our stay in Oceanside was the fact that while playing in the surf, i managed to tweak DaNece's arm, and it started hurting, and wouldnt stop. So instead of going to San Diego for the zoo, and to see Matthew (which was the plan) we decided to cut our losses and go back home so she could see a doctor. Turned out to be nothing major, and she is now feeling much better.

So yeah, that was vacation.

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