Monday, July 16, 2007

Wet Beaver Creek

Me and Scrappy-Do hit up Wet Beaver Creek last weekend for an early-morning hike up Bell Trail, and a little bit of swimming.

It has been probably 10 years since I went hiking along this trail (with dad, for fishing if i recall correctly), so it was great to not only get outdoos and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to relive a few memories.

We arrived at the trail-head at 6:45am, which was about an hour later than i had wanted to, but sleeping in took precedence. :)


*The View as we left the house*

*The trailhead has a sign with a little bit of history on the trail.*

*As well as a map outlining the wilderness area*

*The area is filled with pancake red-rocks and little burbling waterfalls. Check out the angle on the tree!*

*We headed up to the Bell Trail, which is about a mile in. Once you start climbing you are instantly rewarded with views unlike any other*


*The plant life along the creek and ridges is beautifull. Lots of cactus, so keep an eye on any animals (including children).*

*We hiked till it got hot, then turned around and headed back for the swimming hole. It soothes those sore feet like you wouldn't believe!*

*Now that is one very happy, very wet puppy!*


In all - it was a fabulous hike, that I'm sure we will be repeating in the coming weeks, though I am intent on getting there by 5:00am next time!!!

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