Monday, September 17, 2007

Lynx Lake Cafe

Me and DaNece went to the Lynx Lake Cafe on Saturday after a family friend said that there was German food to be found there.


The restaurant must first be described by it's surroundings. It is in the same building as the bait shop/boat rental store at Lynx lake. The entire restaurant has a cozy feeling to it (with all sorts of interesting things to see on the walls/furniture). If you sit in the front part you get a view of the bait shop, and if you sit in the backside i believe you get a view of the lake (and a lot of sun in the morning time).

Initially when I talked to our waitress and asked if they made their own sausage/bratwurst locally, I was disappointed to hear that they did not, but that it was special ordered from an authentic butcher that knew their stuff. So I order country potatoes and eggs with smoked bratwurst, and DaNece orders the potato pancakes with apple sauce. I realized I was in for a good breakfast when the waitress immediately came back with a container of spicy mustard, places it on the table, and walks away without a word. Mmmmmmm... spicy mustard and bratwurst.

The food arrived, DaNece was making noises reminiscent of an adults-only movie over her pancakes, and I was practically spasming with joy while eating the wurst. I also had a home-made biscuit, which was pretty bland. All in all though, we got an AWESOME meal for $20! Plus we looked at the lunch menu and saw schnitzel..... we have to go back to try that!!!!

So if you get the chance, want a cool environment, and some awesome food, check out the Lynx Lake Cafe!

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