Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pic of the day and a big thanks

So first off, thanks to everybody who commented on my last post. I appreciate all the kind words. :)


And the pic of the day? A Saleen modified mustang. The S281 3V with some heavy lightroom editing:


Tony Reynolds said...

Saleen? Isn't that the singer, Saleen Begone?

melissa said...

Nice cars. The headquarters is around the corner from me, so I often see these zipping by my work as people test their new toys.

TomboCheck said...

Tony - I don't know about the singer, but this Saleen makes a song all it's own. :)

Melissa - Yeah... I'm jealous. We have 2 of these rolling through town around here, and I take every chance I get to drool over them.