Monday, December 14, 2009

A day at the zoo

Lots o’ pictures from an outing to the Phoenix Zoo last weekend:

Photoset of all the pictures from that day.


quilteddogs said...

Really, really nice! But where or where are the Komodo Dragons?

Granny J said...

What fun!

TomboCheck said...

QD - They were behind a bunch of thick glass, and I was getting nothing but reflections.

GJ - Yep, it was a great time! We were there for over three hours!

Jarart said...

Great zoo pics, Tom. It looks like the animals were pretty active when you were there. I love that last picture! What a face.

Melissa said...

I showed your whole set (huh huh) to a few friends, I enjoyed these so much. Lovely work!

TomboCheck said...

Jarart - Yep, I went with a Phx resident who goes to the zoo pretty regularly. It was an overcast day, which he says makes all the animals more active. On the last photo - I got really lucky, he only opened his eyes for about ten seconds while we were there.

Melissa - I feel so violated, showing others my set. :-P
Glad you enjoyed, and thank you!