Friday, February 12, 2010


I keep finding little goals to keep me moving forward. Most of them are silly and near to hand anyway. Still, they give the sense of accomplishment.


Recently accomplished goals:

- Went for the first jog of the season. A 3 mile stint down the Peavine. My calves forgot what this whole jogging thing is all about.


- Finished reading Anna Karenina. It was good, but left me with a sense of unfinished business. Nobody ends up happy, some people end up dead.


- Squatted my body weight at the gym


- Hiking on a regular basis. Last winter I didn’t get out nearly as often as I wanted to. This year I’ve been making up for perceived lost time.


- Eating healthy… ish. Lots o’ protein, not nearly as much sugar as I used to eat. Lots of small meals throughout the day (eating 7-8 times per day), with lots of fruits and veggies. And most importantly – I don’t feel like I’m ‘on a diet’, I’m just eating things that taste good and are good for me. I’m not psycho about it, I still eat pizza every now and then, and a hamburger too. It’s a nice balance.


- Started attending another ballroom dance class.


Current goals that need accomplishing:

- Sign up for my first race, the Whiskey Row 10K, and train enough to not be the last guy across the finish line.


- Get through at least half of my book shelf in the next two months, now that the long hard russian novel is done.


- Deadlift my body weight without feeling gimpy the next day. Currently at 155lbs and always walk funny the day after.


- Start learning how to play the piano.


- Write more, worry less.



What about you folks out there in the ether? What are your goals and accomplishments?

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