Thursday, April 22, 2010


Snow falls on Prescott today. Two days ago it was sunny and 70. The weather can’t seem to decide between spring and winter.


The Whiskey Row 10k is coming up in just over a week. It’s supposed to be rainy and snowy that day. I suppose I should go running today just to get used to it. Seems like I’ve been running somewhere, but I don’t really know where.


Life is good right now, but is flying by in a blur. I feel like I am in slow motion and it is all passing me by. I sleep less trying to open more hours in my day, but those too slip by at light speed.


My best friend got married last weekend. It was weird to see his life change so much in one day. I’ll be moving out once they are back from their honeymoon so that his wife can move in. The wedding was fun though, I finally got to use all those dance lessons I’ve been taking.


Scrappy is getting restless, I think he must be awaiting spring with the same eagerness as myself.


I’m cooking still, making meals that contain the singular taste of whatever I am craving that day. Yesterday it was tarragon, so I had mom and Courtney over for tarragon chicken parmesan with homemade marinara (cold). Everybody liked it, but all I could see were the things I could have done better.


The camera sits, yearning to be held but is rebuffed by my inability to make time for it.


I sit and stare at pages in books without ever reading the words. This makes finishing a book a very time-consuming ordeal.


Most days I’m tired and sore, and yet I keep pushing harder. Perhaps I think it will eventually get easier. Maybe it is getting easier and my tunnel vision has prevented me from realizing it.


All in all though, I feel good. I suppose that’s what counts the most.


megan said...

"the days are not full enough and the nights are not full enough, life slips by like a field mouse, not shaking the grass."
can't remember who wrote that..
carpe diem, you are doing good!

TomboCheck said...

Beautiful. Thanks Megan! How's the fam getting along? Is having the little tyke as much fun as you thought it would be?