Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where’s that motivation?

It’s still not here. No motivation to shoot fun pictures. Sometimes I take the camera out anyway, thinking that inspiration will just hit.


I live with this view as my backyard:



I watch monsoons trail by at dusk, but for some reason it’s not hitting me. I get flat where I should get sparks:



I look through old photos and re-edit them, thinking that I might find the magic in the past:



But I find only an awe that I once shot those photos. And so I resign myself to waiting some more. Grabbing life-shots to try and remember this time. Bouldering out in the woods with my girl:



Random shots so that when I’m old, I remember what it was like to be young:



I wait and hope that the magic comes back. I hope that a bit of magic hits me next week, when I try to write a one-year follow up to my departure for travel. I hope a bit of magic comes my way when the time is right, so that I can make even more magic happen.


Catalyst said...

Amazing traps there, Tombo. Keep the picture!

sonalee said...

Ie really does come and go, the only thing to do is let the motivation come to you.

Motivation said...

I enjoyed watching those photos...post more please!