Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A change in format.

Well, it looks like the blog has run dry. At least in its current iteration. And so – it’s time for a change. A change in focus, perhaps a change in design, but a change towards something that piques my interest and allows me to feel like this is worthwhile.


So now, instead of posting pictures about my day to day life here in Prescott I’ll be posting something else. Topics will probably focus on nutrition and fitness, some simple living, and maybe a little bit of food porn every now and again.


I’ll probably be using more words, and injecting a bit more opinion into it. I’m looking forward to it.


Daly said...

You haven't posted much this year but whatever you do, may it be true to you and your heart :)

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Daly! I finally realized that I wasn't the same person as when I started this blog, but kept trying to keep the same feel to it. Hopefully now I can get back into writing here and sharing with people.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! :)