Friday, March 23, 2007

Philosophy 1

So, what is the point of this big thing we call life? My friend Daryn has grilled me over my views of this for a good long time now, and for some reason i now feel compelled to attempt to put down into text some of the ideas behind my reality.

1. I can prove nothing, therefore I cannot know anything. I can only assume that things are true. These assumptions may change at anytime due to changing information provided to me.

2. #1 is not limited to 'facts' but the manner in which the world is experienced as well. I cannot prove that the sky is blue, i can only assume that it is indeed blue. This is because me seeing something does not prove it to be true, and even if it did my definitions for 'reality' are based on information recieved from third parties whose knowledge i cannot prove (who taught me that this color is blue and how did they know it to be 100% true?)

3. I cannot say what is wrong or right for others. I can only define what is wrong or right for me personally.

4. I can judge people only from my point of view, and this does not necisarily reflect the true nature of the person. This brings with it an assumption that my judgements of people have a very narrow scope, relating to the manner in which i interact with those people.

That's all for today, more to follow i am sure. :)

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