Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Link Dump

Long time since i posted. Nothing much going on in day-to-day life, just the usual work. Monsoon season is here, so hopefully our house wont float away. :) Other than that, we bought the movie 300, which i totally dig. We saw the simpson's movie, which was about what you would expect from a simpson's movie (it probably won't be up for an emmy). And we cooked a great filet mignon with red wine reduction that i was too busy eating to take pictures of.

Anywho - a random link dump:

52 Influential Photographs

New Philips Digital Drawing Tool for kids (sure looks similar to this technology, just used on a smaller scale).

Bad radio call letters

Think of what MacGuyver could have done with this bad boy.

Rocks that look like faces.

Teaching analytics using star trek? Helarious!!

The History of Prescott

MIT invention: the HypoSurface

The group behind the supercool light-graffiti Sprint Commercial.

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