Monday, October 29, 2007

Goldwater Lake Hike

Well me and Scrappy-Doo went to Goldwater lake this weekend for a darn nice hike.

We started by heading directly to the dam, away from all the people, and saw a really cool crane-type bird.


After getting too close and scaring him off, we opted to go under the fence that keeps people away from the dam. Once on the other side, we hiked to the back of the Upper Goldwater lake damn, and took some pics.

Then we hiked around Lower Goldwater lake (something few people ever bother to look for, let alone go to the trouble of climbing under and around barbed wire fencing to go down to).

While we were down there we also saw a really cool little sapling that was changing colors.


Along the lake, all the oaks were changing color. Absolutely gorgeous.

I have never been past the second dam today, but after seeing a bunch of abandoned  buildings I had to climb down. So we followed a little Javalina gametrail down to what looked like an old water processing center.

So we puttered around a bit, then hiked back to Upper Goldwater, and took the long way around the lake back to the truck. All in all; a GREAT hike. I can only hope that the warm weather lasts long enough to get a few more hikes like this in. :)



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