Monday, October 1, 2007

My New Favorite Trail!

Me and Scrappy-Doo decided to go for a hike out by Aspen Creek this weekend, and happened upon my new favorite trail! We hiked all the way from Copper Basin to the Tr. 9415 Trailhead (probably about 1 1/2 miles) along a jeep trail. Next time we might get adventurous and drive the 4Runner up to this point.


From here, the trail turns into a narrow footpath that follows the mountains around to Quartz Mountain. It's got some pretty good up and down hills, and is a bit slippery at parts, but filled with views to kill for. Eventually you start catching glimpses of quartz mountain.


Along the whole path there are tons of neat looking little flowers and plants.


After about 2 miles on this path you finally get to Quartz Mountain. After a quick climb to the top, you get a great view. Prescott on one end, S. Highway 89 at the other end, and forest at your back.


Then it is back to the truck and off to some well-deserved lunch! I'll definitely be doing this trail again.


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