Monday, January 4, 2010

Sick on new years

It seems to be a growing trend for me: being sick on or around New Years. While I did make it out on the town New Years Eve this year, the following day had me at home with a hangover and a cold. After two days of continual dosing of Nyquil, drinking an absurd amount of water, and some awesome treatment by a good friend, I was on my feet again.


After being stuck in the house for two full days I needed an escape. And I needed some sunshine. The answer was found North of Wickenburg, where temperatures were above seventy, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.


Along the way I stopped to photograph the tunnel of Forest Road 54 under South Highway 89 (thanks to PrescottStyle and GrannyJ for info on this!):


Then it was onto BLM land, parked between two mountains, and then a scramble up the taller of the two. Not a bad view from the top. Looking northward:


Looking Southward, with my truck somewhere in between here and there:


Along for the jaunt was my ever-faithful side-kick:


Then it was back to the truck for more water, ditch the camera and climb up the smaller of the two hills. Between the two it was just the right amount of exercise for a sick guy to tackle. And when I was done? Oh, I totally threw a blanket on the ground and laid in the sunshine for an hour. It was awesome.


I think I might have even found a little peace of mind along with all that sunshine.

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