Thursday, January 28, 2010

A very short life update.


So this will be a quick one. Basically – I’m holding the status quo of a boring and yet somehow terribly busy life.


- Started reading Anna Karenina. I’m currently about 3/4 of the way through it. Good stuff, but tough reading just like War and Peace.


- Started another ballroom dance class at the college. This time there are only three dances instead of six. I will be learning Rumba, Cha cha, and East coast swing. Definitely looking forward to this. I love me some dancing.


- Foodie-wise: meh. Cooking constantly to save money, but not doing anything terribly creative in the kitchen. Mostly just trying to eat a ‘healthy’ diet to fuel the body for all the exercise I’ve been doing. Sometimes it hits the mark and tastes great, sometimes it’s just food. Lately I’ve had a mean sweet tooth going on as well, which I dislike immensely.


- Exercise – yeah lots of it. Looking to hit a milestone next week of back squatting 175lbs (my body weight) at the gym! That will be kind of a big deal for me, since last time I got close I managed to bugger up my right knee pretty badly. Beyond lifting I’ve been hiking 3-5 times a week, loving every second of this winter weather. Found a few new trails that are nice, and been bushwhacking quite a bit. Also walking on lunch hours, plus the dance class. I try to get one full true rest day per week, but it’s kind of hard. My body just wants to keep moving.


- Photography – I’ve been mildly motivated to go out shooting lately. Mostly with the little G9 on hikes, but on occasion the D90 makes it out with me as well. Pretty much entirely nature pictures lately.


- Emotionally/spiritually – doing pretty well. Haven’t been doing any deep investigations of life or anything lately, so just kind of on cruise control. I’m quite happy with cruise control for now.


- Random otherness

– Chris and I have swapped in a new room mate – a guy we went to high school with. Living with these two is HILARIOUS.

- Throwing Chris a bachelor party at the end of February in Vegas. That should be stupidly fun.

- Mom had to put one of her dogs down, and the other one is going in for hip surgery. No more buddy makes me sad. Not taking Scrappy to mom’s house for dinner until Red is healed also makes me sad.

- I might have a kind-of girlfriend. It’s comically complicated, but enjoyable for the time being.

- Hoping that Granny J gets back up and at ‘em soon. That girl deserves the very best.


So yeah, that’s about all I’ve got. It’s just life, but it’s mine and I’m happy with it. :)


Chickenbells said...

Ugh...sweet tooth? Try one or two bites of whatever, because usually you can't "Taste" whatever it is after the first couple of bites anyway (I've tried's mostly true!) And a "kind of girlfriend"? That's almost as good as the real thing ;) (I have a cocktail napkin with a vintage picture of a woman posed in front of an empty chair that says, "she liked imaginary men best of all" Which always makes me crack up for some reason!) But, good luck with it...relationships SHOULD always be treated as comically complicated...mostly because they usually are (I'm older than you...I should know, right??)

TomboCheck said...

Sadira - I'm sure the sweet tooth is just due to the low-carb food choices I have been making lately. I'm going to try to ride it out without giving in, but some days it is brutally hard. :)

The kind-of girlfriend thing is probably exactly what I need right now. Having the 'real thing' will only cause problems when I decide to leave town in August. As for complication - yeah, the current debacle has it in abundance. Makes for interesting conversation though.

And wait - a cocktail napkin with a vintage picture? Like a drawing, or somebody printed a picture on a cocktail napkin, because that would just be nuckin' futs.

Melissa said...

Anna Karenina... I should reread. I read it at (almost) 18 and thought the characters were all self-centered bastards. I'd probably feel very differently now.

Sorry about your mom's dog. :(

And a kind-of girlfriend... glad it's what suits you right now... but where are you going? Are you doing the wanderer thing?

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - For the most part - yeah they are all self centered bastards.

As far as mom's dog - it needed to happen. His mind and body went out the window. :(

And yeah, still planning on doing the wanderer thing. Pretty excited about it. :)