Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank goodness some things don’t change

After around 500 miles my hiking boots have finally had enough. Both achilles guards came unstitched, one toe guard was coming unglued,multiple seams in the uppers that were pulling apart, one had a wear spot that went almost all the way through the sole, both insoles were worn down to paper thin. In general – they’ve seen some use. But still they hiked just fine mile after muddy, snowy mile. Still waterproof, still darn sturdy shoes.


Until last week anyway, when both shoe laces decided to go within a day of each other. That was the last straw for me. It was time to find some new boots, which for me is always a bit of a trial. Because I fall in love with my shoes. These things have treated me so well, and all I really want is another pair of them. But shoe manufactures push out new lines every year or two and so I generally have to go through the rigmarole of trying on a billion different pairs, walking around the store, going home, researching the ones I liked, going back, trying them on again, and eventually purchasing.


With this in mind I went to my favorite local outfitter, and headed towards the footwear section, my head hung low in resignation. But wait! There! Right on the wall, my shoes! Same make, same model! They still make them! Thank all that is holy, I will now have the fastest shoe purchasing event of my life. Five minutes and two hundred dollars later, I am a happy hiker.


Took them out for a break-in hike last night of 5 1/2 miles after work. It was like hiking with an old friend. I couldn’t be happier.


Old vs. new. La Sportiva Halite GTX boots.


Granny J said...

Oh, what a nerve you struck with this post, Tom -- nothing can be more frustrating than to finally find a style, a fit, a color that really fills the bill, only to have it disappear in a flurry of novelty merchandising.

TomboCheck said...

Indeed Julie. It annoys me to no end.

Anonymous said...

Shameless plug

My friend owns American Boot and Shoe Repair right there in Prescott. Maybe he can give the old ones a tune-up.