Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not dead, just dead tired.

The summer time is here, and the work in the vineyards is getting hot. I haven't been up to much lately. Work all day, get home and jog/walk with the dog, lift weights twice a week, cook dinner with sis, pass out. Repeat five times a week. Weekends find me in Prescott with Courtney. I just bought my own pair of climbing shoes, so it looks like bouldering and climbing will be my new hobby on saturdays. Sundays I'm trying to lay low, relax, give the body a bit of a break.

That's about it. Haven't taken the camera out lately, haven't been exploring my new home, and really; haven't done much. I'm just trying to enjoy the heat as much as I can, find a groove within which to ride for a while, and see how the rest of summer treats me.

Currently I'm sick as a dog, so lots of sleep the last few days, and it feels like the sickness is finally ebbing away.

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