Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Goldwater Lake Hike 2.0

After talking to Marciano about my Goldwater hike a few weeks ago he said that he wanted to check it out. So this past weekend we hit it up joined by Perry, his girlfriend, and their 2 dogs. It was a bit of a circus.

All in all it wasn't that much different than the solo trip. We followed the game trails down to Lower Goldwater, where we dicked around in the old processing area.

Like a moron, I got NuChar all over my new shoes, so now they have some character.

I also saw a really cool caterpillar, bright yellow and black.

After some posing on the dangerous damn we called it a day and headed home, so I could rebuild the 4Runner's power steering pump.

The one big downside to the day (other than rebuilding the PS pump) was that I found a decent sized wound on Scrappy's leg. He must have gotten snagged up on some barbed wire when he out chasing the other dogs. Not to worry though, Nurse Tombo was in the house. The wound was expertly cleaned, dressed, and bound with duct tape.


All in all - I call it a successful day; though next time it will probably just be Me and maybe Chris, 4 dogs is a bit much for me to handle.

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