Friday, November 2, 2007

Nothing New

Well I haven't posted in a while because there really isn't anything new going on lately.


Saw a cool sunset last night, with the weirdest looking clouds:


I finally found the source of a very annoying rattle in my truck: turned out to be a broken sway-bar link bushing. So instead of rubber hitting my control arm, I have a washer and nut banging into it. I didn't have any spare bushings laying around so I ordered a full replacement link set from Rock Auto for $5, which arrived today. So now I can replace the busted bushing and have some extras!


Me and The Italian Kid are going over to Goldwater Lake tomorrow to hike Upper and Lower again, which should be fun.


Other than that: I am once again addicted to ebay; bidding on things I don't need (Such as this self sharpening pocket knife that I just won), my watch list is hovering near 30 items, most of which I have no chance in hell of affording. I love ebay...

Have a great weekend!

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