Monday, November 5, 2007

Hiking with Chris

Well the plan had been to go to Goldwater lake to hike around upper and lower lakes there. Unfortunately for us, the lake was closed. Apparently  the lake's water was being used to assist in fighting the August wildfire that is burning south of Prescott in the Ash Creek ridge. So, after getting a bite to eat at Biff's Bagels, we changed plans and decided to hike around in the Hassayampa / Wolf Creek area. Chris brought his dog Huey, and of course my little hiking buddy Scrappy accompanied as well.

It was a nice hike, with lots of boulder hopping in the creek bed.

We saw a cool little lean-to made from tree branches. Not a bad spot, as long as there is no water running in the creek.

We ended up leaving the creek bed at what was apparently a mining claim, hit the forest service road 97, and followed that back to the truck. All told it was about 5 miles worth of hiking, in weather that couldn't have been better.

After hiking we took the 4runner up trail 97b until the trail just got too narrow for the truck to fit. There were a few off-camber areas. :)


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