Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's that time of the year

When everything gets puked on by christmas. Our little town is no different. I'm not a big fan of the christmas glitter, but I do like the increase in good will during the season. Only wish it would hang around a little longer.


Today I saw crews downtown decorating the courthouse with it's annual yuletide garb.


Angels overlooking the North entrance to the courthouse:


A christmas tree that has taken over residence of the now-empty fountain:


A big wreath is strung across the West entrance of the courthouse:


Not to mention the candles and tinsel trees adorning the walls of the courthouse:


While downtown I also saw some flowers that were left on the veteran's statue downtown. A lovely gesture, as well as a nice contrast of color:


Catalyst said...

Is Halloween over?

Chickenbells said...

I saw the tree this weekend...and I know this is a big undertaking, but sheesh...could we not have the decorations up until after Thanksgiving (I almost passed out hearing Christmas carols at Wal Mart the other day)

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - I can't even keep track of holidays any more. They seem to have lost a lot of their meaning. :)

Sadira - I wonder why they don't get all the lights strung on the trees before setting up all the bright in-your-face decorations.

Oh well. Mine is not to question why.... :)

melissa said...

Lost a lot of meaning? No. Really?

I'm not one to talk though, considering I'm not a christian. Or a theist, period.

TomboCheck said...

Come on Melissa, you can admit it. You and J-Dog are homies. :-P