Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More mural goodness

I stopped by the library again this week to check out the mural that they are working on. I first mentioned the mural here, and GrannyJ did a great post on it as well just a few weeks ago.


So on to the pictures!

Some obvious changes occurred in the design of this section, as the original called for the gentleman to have not only glasses, but some ladies binding books over his shoulder. The women were sacrificed for some great detail in the printing press machine.


The dragon has been filled in since my first meandering, and positively glows with all the brilliant colors. Also notice the dragons feet tiles leading up to the wall. :)


Of course there are some details that are very specific to our idea of Prescott. We have the pioneers traveling Arizona landscapes in their wagons:


As well as a collection of newspapers:


Some with a surprising amount of detail in the text like this one showing news of the fire from the 40's (click for BIG picture):



And of course the theme of books and imagination runs throughout the project:


There are still some rough patches that need shading, but overall the mural is looking GREAT! Theoretically they will be done painting by the end of the month.


For more information see the Prescott Murals site.


See all of my library mural photos here.


Granny J said...

So just where does that dragon reside? There must be a lot more wall than I was aware of when I took my pix. (And I do thank you for the link!)

TomboCheck said...

GrannyJ - The dragon resides under the staircase (in a 'cave' as would be appropriate). The mural actually covers that entire wall, all the way to the utility boxes to the east.

Keep walking towards the grassy area and you will catch the rest. :)

melissa said...

I have to admit I love the dragon one the most.

With all your photos, I feel like I know Prescott somewhat. Funny.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - the dragon was my favorite as well. Turns out using the flash on him morning really made him shine. :)

After enough photos you can start to get an idea of a place. Now you guys just have to come check out the real thing. :)

melissa said...

Gimme a couple of years, when Steve and I will likely return to Texas for good, and you and D will have yourselves some company for a couple of days. ;)