Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Randomness

- How to build a snow cave. WOW. (via)


- The greatness of xkcd finally explains the ‘Base’ system.


- Rough turn of events in life? This guy got fired, divorced, and diagnosed with a brain tumor. He got happy by working at Starbucks. (via)


- Joe McNally continues to amaze with his posts from lighting workshops.


- Kitty knitted breasts. HAHAHAHAHA. Totally makes me laugh in a 10-year-old boy kind of way.


- My new shoes are freakin’ SWEET! Been wearing them for about a month and a half now and they are tons more comfortable than my Merrell Chameleons (which busted a sole after a year of ownership…. let down!).


- The pirate bay maps torrent seeders. USA accounts for only 20% of shared files.


- Sony comes out with a very silly pocket netbook.

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