Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I’m drowning

in images anyway.

One of the pitfalls of a new camera is that I end up taking more photos.

A LOT more photos.

Between getting the camera (last Thursday) and this morning I have taken around 700 exposures, and now I am paying for it.

Downloading, sorting, selecting, editing, exporting, uploading, and posting has suddenly become a Herculean task.

And for the moment it is all a bit overwhelming.

But I’m still really excited about the new gear.

I know that I will eventually get all of these suckers processed and out the door. I can see the end at the light of the tunnel.


Until then I will just have to tone it down a bit, and give myself a little breathing room. :)


Brandy Young said...

LOL! Yeah having a new camera has it's setbacks! heh

TomboCheck said...

Brandy - It was all a bit unexpected. Here I am just happily shuttering away, and all of a sudden I'm confronted with the full extent of my itchy finger.

I feel like a kid who got stuck in the candy shop and now has a stomach ache to go along with all the sweets. :)

Brandy Young said...

Yep I remember the feeling!

Maybe that's what I need...a new camera to get that itch back! ;)

TomboCheck said...

Maybe it's just time for another photowalk... :-P