Tuesday, April 21, 2009

City of Lost Angles

Sunday found me in town a bit early for the blogger meetup, so I ended up taking another trip through the drainage areas of Prescott, and I came up with another odd find. The City of Lost Angles:



Somebody has dragged a bunch of art up the waterways, nailed anchors into the concrete walls, and hung them up. I added my own little note to the sheet that was down there, snapped a few pics.


Much of the art was obviously not made by the draggers, but a few pieces were very hand-made:


And these pieces seemed more authentic than not:


While these cloth embossed(?) pieces screamed of a more thrift-store vibe:


And there was even one bit of aerosol art un these passages, which seemed to compliment the bright canvases well:


BIG SKY CHEF said...

Wild Stuff Tombo...What goes on Under the city.

Linda G. said...

That's just too wonderfully weird Tombo!

Warren said...

way cool!

TomboCheck said...

Tom - indeed. Every time I wander into a culvert I find something interesting.

Linda - :) A little different from the average graffiti I find.

Warren - Thanks!