Monday, April 13, 2009

All rolled up

Decided to try something new yesterday for dinner. I took a pork tenderloin, butterflyed it, added some cooked shallot, mushroom, bell pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Then rolled it all up and set it on the grill:

It was accompanied by some brussels sprouts, wild rice, and french bread.


Great meal, but the meat wasn’t cooked properly. Medium heat for 20 minutes produced dry outside and under-cooked inside. Longer and lower next time, with something to provide fat in the roll (mascarpone cheese?) should resolve the issue.


BIG SKY CHEF said...

Pork Roulade...Looked Good in the Pic. I usually bake my Pork to 150 Degrees, cover if it gets too brown.

Sauce?...Try a Italian Demi glace...Simply a Brown Sauce Laced with Italian Dressing would work well. Who Did The Dishes?

TomboCheck said...

Tom - Thanks for the tips. I thought about searing/baking, but the weather was just too fine to let the grill go to waste.

Never would have thought of adding italian to the sauce! Definitely have to try it.

I did the dishes... as per usual. Cook and clean, it's a ruff life. :)

melissa said...

Fat in the middle will help. Usually it's gobs of butter with herbs, but I imagine mascarpone might work. Good for you for trying something new though!

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - I'll definitely be trying this one again. Gotta branch out. :)