Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cooking again

Well me and DaNece finally started cooking again!

Last night we made one of the best meals i have had in a long time!

Food included:

- Pork Tenderloin cooked in wine, served with sauteed apples. The pork turned out great, searing it first, and then roasting it in wine and broth not only made it rediculously tender, but it also cut way down on cooking time compared with just roasting it. Only problem here was that the granny smith apples were too tart to compliment the meet well, and the skins were a pain to cut. Next time we will go with skinned red delicious, or pears.

- Fried Green Beans with Garlic. Quick and easy, plus it gives me a good reason to bust out the Wok (deep frying small amounts of things makes way more sense in the wok than the deep fryer). These turned out good, though i forgot to soak them in water before cooking them, and i didn't pat the oil off them after cooking (i was REALLY hungry). Other than that, a definate hit.

- Potatoe Latkes. By far the biggest hit, and also VERY easy to make. Grate up a few potatoes, and an onion, get as much water as you can out, then mix with flower and eggs. We didn't follow the linked recipe (can't find the recipe that we did use, but they are very similiar), and we used the spiced flower that we browned the pork in. Deep fried in the wok right before the green beans, and snacked as we finished cooking everything else. A few things we will change next time around: add chease to the mixture, we both agreed the flavor would be out of this world with cheese. Make them thinner; when we got greedy and made them thick the center was a little mushier than i would care for.


All in all an absolutely great meal! We will definately be making the latkes again (probably this weekend along with the Croque Monsiers that i am dying to try). And the braise and roast method is how all pork loins will be cooked in our house from now on (the meat was literally falling apart by the time it was done).

I dont think DaNece really liked the green beans, so i may make those one night when she is out of the house with the girls.

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