Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Why being the IT guy aint so bad

So i have found a number of things that make being the IT guy not so bad:

1. My internet doesn't get blocked

2. I get to read all the funniest emails before i block them

3. I get to play with all the newest toys (and get a free laptop to use!)

4. When it is slow, i can play games; nobody else can!

5. I get to drive around to different offices = time away from desk = good.

6. I can mess with people

7. I can sit with a printer torn to pieces on my desk, and people assume that i am VERY busy and shouldn't be bothered.

8. Scheduling vacation is easy, because there are only 3 IT guys, and we rarely want the same days off.

9. I get two monitors to work on.

10. Overtime for easy things. I have to restart the servers - cant do that with people here, so i have to wait till after hours to hit the restart button

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