Monday, August 6, 2007

A good weekend

Man, i had forgotten how nice it was to sleep in. But saturday we did just that, until almost 9:00!!! We then proceeded to have a wonderfully lazy day. We decided to go on a date in town in the evening.

We started out going to see the Bourne Ultimatum, which was absolutely PACKED (somebody was raking in the dough this weekend)!! Unfortunately this mean that we had to sit all the way in the front, which gave me a horrible headache (that close up everything is blurry, and you have to pan side to side just to see the whole screen), and gave DaNece a little bit of motion sickness.

Determined to have a good evening of it, we went into town to eat at one of our favorite restaurants: 129 1/2. We both had steak (DaNece had the 4 oz petit filet with brown sugar rub, i had the 12 oz ribeye with mushroom demi glace). It was awesome! We have never been disappointed with this restaurant. The only problem we ever have is that we can't seem to order anything but their steak, and i always want to stay to listen to the live jazz band.

So after our wonderful meal we took a stroll down to the square, watched some country square dancing, and walked down whiskey row. I then introduced DaNece to the joy that is the Young's Farm Treat Center. We both got a cone of homemade ice cream, and Da even got a Charleston Chew, which to me seemed to be a thinly veiled attempt to eat pure marshmallow.


Sunday was more of a work day. I spent 2 hours mowing part of the jungle that had become our yard. Then a quick shower, and a trip to the dog park for Scrappy. Some grocery shopping, and then we cooked up a lovely shark steak dinner with roast potatoes and oyster mushrooms (for me).


All in all: a great weekend!

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