Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh No! It's Mr. Bill!

So I've seen this car around town a few times in the past weeks:


It proclaims 'Mr. Bill' as the World Exercise Champ. With a claim like that, how could I not be interested? So I turn to my trusty internets. It turns out that the title 'World Exercise Champ' is self-proclaimed, but this 56 year old has done some crazy stuff.

Like hiking from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon backwards. A 24 mile trek with over 6000 feet of elevation change.

Setting the record for single-finger push-ups. He did 20.

Walking 3,330 miles across the country... backwards.

As well as various other physical feats such as 24,350 leg lifts in six hours, 1,084 ab crunches in 15 minutes, a record for push-ups performed on the back of his hands.

He says that he does all of these things to help motivate kids to stay healthy and away from drugs and alcohol.


Sounds like a bit of an eccentric, but definitely a motivated guy. Mr. Bill moved to Prescott from the east coast about 8 months ago, and is now training in our little town.


Granny J said...

Thank you, Tombo -- I caught one picture of his car parked on Goodwin St. from across the street at the library & I was trying my damndest to figure out what it was all about. Now I know.

TomboCheck said...

GrannyJ - glad I could help. :) It is a pretty interesting story, and I'm betting that Bill is a pretty interesting character. :)