Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pic of the day

Discarded oven as seen in an alley:


3 Exposure handheld HDR, light smoothing set fairly low for some halo


sheoflittlebrain said...

This is an artfully sad picture!
Strange how you see so much more detail in black and white than you do in color..old black and white movies too.
Enjoyed going to meteor crater with you. W've lived in AZ almost all of our lives and neither of us has been there! How strange is that?

TomboCheck said...

SOLB - :) Artfully sad, I like that. The HDR treatment helps with pulling out the detail.

Glad you enjoyed the crater post as well. When I think about how many places I haven't gone in AZ it is amazing.

As small as the world seems sometimes, actually traveling shows you just how big it can be. :)

Chickenbells said...

Wonderful!! Dina and I were talking about this last night, and I have been so busy this week that I haven't been able to visit all my favorite bloggers...and I KNEW I had to come right over this morning and see "the oven picture"

TomboCheck said...

You and Dina were talking about my pic of the day? Dang, don't I just feel quasi-famous. :)

Unfortunately photoshop could only do so much to align my exposures so I still have a bit of blur. I might go back with a tripod one day to take a steady shot. But where to find the time?