Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The writing on the wall

There are some days where I forget to take my camera on a walk. And sometimes there are walls with graffiti that is so incomprehensible that trying to photograph it is an effort in futility.


So I have started carrying a simple notebook in my back pocket for those writings on the wall that catch my eye, even if they don't catch the attention of my lens. After a week with this little notebook I've come up with quite a collection.


Many writings are the vulgar type of scribble that the young feel rebellious and edgy when putting into words. Some writings are political, and some make no sense. Others are just plain funny.


Here is a small sampling of what I have seen so far (attempting to keep spelling and capitalization errors intact where I could):

- Drippin'

I'm Sober

but Arizona's

got me Trippin'!


- Yuppies don't float


- WATCH YOUR Spoon, IT knows where TO GO.


- Save the ReDwooDS


- OPEN your eyes.

Look within are you satifed with the life you are living?


- vote with a brick


- Satan Sucks


- BlOOd is thicker than water


- 9/11 was inside job. INFOWARS!!


- Watch no TV

Read a book

Do less drugs

Do more art




         Kongo Great


- Pot is an herb.

Bush Jr. is a DOPE

It's amazing how many places contain a quick note scribbled in sharpie. Throughout the alleyways and creekways it seems like there is hardly a block without a mark of some type. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more little gems like these as I continue my lunch-time escapades through town.


melissa said...

- OPEN your eyes. Look within are you satifed with the life you are living?


TomboCheck said...

;-) It was odd how many of these little writings hit home as I scribbled them down.