Thursday, October 30, 2008

A table saw that won't separate you from your digits

The blade carries a small electrical charge, which your body partially absorbs when your skin touches the blade. When that happens a brake stops the blade and pulls it under the table surface lickety split.


In high school a friend of mine cut off a big chunk of his thumb using a table saw, so I'm betting he would love this. I'm doubting it works if you are wearing gloves though...




Mike said...

I seriously need one of those. I live in fear that I am going to lose a finger (or worse) using power tools.

I was using my compound miter saw the other day and I wasn't thinking and when the blade contacted the piece of wood I was holding, it jerked the wood right out of my hand and drew my hand toward the blade.

I took that as a wake up call to start paying attention.

TomboCheck said...

Mike - that's why I stick to computers. Not too much damage you can take working with them, except carpel tunnel I guess. :)