Thursday, July 31, 2008

A library meandering and a project started.

The local library has changed a lot since the last time I was there. I'm almost ashamed to say it, but it has been over 10 years since I have been inside.


Lately though, they have been ritzing up the joint. From a whole remodel, to adding all sorts of artsy bits. It is an entirely different place now. So today on my lunch hour I decided to go meandering around the perimeter. I didn't have time to traipse through the interior, but there was more than enough cool things to see outside.


Like the new Horny Toad scuplture that sits outside of the sculpture.

Both Tony and Granny J had posts during the unveiling of this lovely guy, so I figured I would get some closer up shots that they couldn't get during the opening:


GrannyJ also showed off the Mountain Lion sculpture (BTW she is totally my inspiration for going up here. She's always rockin the awesome library stuff), so I decided to get a little wider view:


As I meandered around to the back of the library I came upon some drawings on the wall. It shows the history of bookmaking, with some historical local figures thrown in for good measure:

and a few feet further down, I saw the artists working on what is to be a major mural. It was at this point that I did something I have never done before. I asked one of the artists if I could take her picture.


You see, I have been meaning to start the 100 Strangers photography project for a few months now, but kept getting all shy and ridiculous and deciding not to. Today that all changed. Meet stranger #1, Maggie:

She explained to me what the mural is about, how the painting process works, and seemed like she was totally psyched to be working on it. Even if it is a million degrees outside.


From here time was running out, so back to work it was, to play with all the photos in Lightroom 2.0, which is TOTALLY SWEET!!!!!


Hopefully in the coming months I will not only begin adding more people to my 100 Strangers list, but will also get inside the library for a look around.


Mike said...

Awesome photos Tombo, but isn't that artist lady burning up with that sweater on in that heat?

Makes me all hot (temperature wise) just looking at her.

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Mike! I'm guessing she was taking a page out of the Arab's book, but who knows...

GrannyJ said...

So today, I had the perfect Alaska art experience -- I came across an award winning Alaskan chain saw artiste & his girlfriend who is also a chain sawyer. Vikings. Big bears. Little bears. And an orca. Awesome.

Tony Reynolds said...

Tom, Hope you get a chance to meet Maggie's partner, "R" Wall. Did you notice the ears on her hat? They are afterall "Mural Mice"
Good shots of the horny toad by-the-way and Granny J sure knows how to rub it in. Best to her.

TomboCheck said...

GrannyJ - OOoooh, sounds like a good time! I've seen a chainsaw craftsman carve bears and it is amazing. I can only imagine a viking! Hope you took a spare camera battery or two! :)

Tony - I believe I saw her associate as he walked into the building for refreshment. I actually hadn't even noticed the ears on the hat. :) Just goes to show how brain-dead I can be.