Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pic of the day

Just another shot from the photowalk.

A single-exposure HDR of the Sam Hill building, now occupied by Prescott College.


Granny J said...

Love those old signs painted on the brick walls of buildings. Presumably Prescott College has renewed that particular one.

Granny J said...

BTW, is there a central Flickr site for the PhotoWalk?

Chickenbells said...

And once by high school students when it was a dance club (after it was a Mexican restaurant of course)

TomboCheck said...

GrannyJ - indeed the paint was redone, although it has been a little. And there are two groups that people are posting photowalk pictures to.

Group One
Group Two

Sadira - Ah, the chica with the 411! A mexican restaurant? How long ago was that?