Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Money Shot

Saturday was the second annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. I attended last year, and certainly wasn’t going to miss it this year.


So 7:00AM found me mainlining some coffee into my veins, and meandering to Sharlot Hall Museum to meet up with a bunch of like-minded folk. We putzed around the grounds for a bit, taking photos of all the pretty flowers, did a group photo, and then were on our way. A few folks wanted to check out the railroad bridge a few blocks away, so I gladly volunteered to show them around.


We decided to meander through the Granite creekway to snag some photos along the way. I’ve been wanting to get a few snaps of the dragon that I saw on GrannyJ’s blog.


I get up close and snap a few:


I decide to get a wider shot, but I’m shooting with my 50mm, so I have to back up. Thankfully the creek is empty so I decide to just hop on down. Unfortunately I decided not to look too closely before jumping. And as such, I twisted the holy hell out of my ankle and ended up on my back. All I could do was laugh.


Laugh, and get my darn picture! :)


I dusted myself off, and tried to walk away the pain. I made it up to the railroad bridge a few blocks away, took some shots, and then quickly hobbled to my office (thankfully nearby). I iced down the ankle for a bit. I could tell with all the swelling that it was going to be a rough weekend. I called a friend to pick me up and take me home.


A few short hours later I was headed to the hospital, with a VERY swollen ankle. X-Rays came back favorable, just a bad sprain. THANK GOODNESS. Now I just have to ask myself; was the picture worth the cost of the hospital visit?


Yeah, probably. :-D


Catalyst said...

I feel your pain, Tombo!

Sillie_Girl said...

to bad about your ankle, but thats a great shot...glad you didn't drop your camera... lol

Chickenbells said...

Well...apparently someone on the other Prescott Photo Walk did a header into some rocks and broke their arm...

I hope your ankle feels better soon!

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - I'm feeling pretty lucky honestly. Didn't break a thing. Just need a little time to heal up. I just wish I would have gotten to finish the photowalk! :)

DaNece - Yeah, the camera was held high and safe. Landed on my bag with flash and lens inside, but they don't seem worse for wear

Sadira - I heard about that! The VP of our company was on the dells walk. She said it was pretty brutal. :)

Anonymous said...

Tombo, I have a photo of you on your butt in the creek!!


Catalyst said...

Excellent work, Dagny! I think you have the makings of a true news photographer! :)

TomboCheck said...

Dagny - notice the camera held high. I had to protect what was important. :-)

Catalyst - What kind of news story is THAT?! :)

Catalyst said...

"Noted Photographer Takes Fall During Assignment - Serious Injury Averted."

Granny J said...

Headline "Dragon Refrains from Slaying Nosey Newsie".

Anyhow, the secret of getting an entire dragon (and a nice shot, too) is to tumble down into the creekbed. Figures.

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst and GrannyJ - you guys are too much! :) I'm going to start hiring you guys to create the titles for my blog posts. :)