Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Only my sister

It’s eight o’clock in the evening and my phone rings. It’s Nikki. Nikki calling at eight o’clock in the evening means either:

A)  she is in trouble, or

B) she is in town and wants to hang out

I pick up the phone, to find that today it is a little bit of both.


Apparently, as she was shaving her head at home in Jerome her clippers broke, mid-stroke. Dead. Finito. No more clipping to be done. She was in dire straits, as there is no store to buy a new pair of clippers near her, and she didn’t really want to shell out for a new pair anyway. She asked if she could come over and use mine.


ME: “Sure, where are you?”

HER: “At home, in Jerome.”

ME: “So, you are going to drive for an hour to my house, just to use my clippers for ten minutes?”

HER: “Yes, see you soon.”


An hour later a knock on the door and there she is. One bare patch of scalp showing in an otherwise dark mop of hair. I can’t help but laugh as I take her into the bathroom to setup a make-shift barber shop. I’m not sure what she was thinking, but that one patch is as short as you can get without using a razor. There is no option except to take the rest of it down to the same height.


We joke, we laugh, I give her a Mohawk. Then I give her a top-knottish looking thing. And then I finally shave it all off, as close as I can get with my buzzer. When I am done her head is a combination of tan face and brilliant-white scalp. My floor and sink are a mass of near-black fuzz.


She looks in the mirror and says she looks like a skin head. I can only agree. She laughs and says she will throw some tanning lotion on it to get it darker.


She thanks me for my help, gives me a bag of apricots as payment, and drives back home. I sweep up all the hair and go to bed.


A situation that is 100% Nikki. A whole lot of random, a dash of drama, and a bucket full of funny.


Melissa said...

That made me smile. I like the feel of the relationship you and Nikki have. I wish my sister and I were a bit more laid back together like that.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - Yeah, laid back is our MO. We spent so many years beating the crap out of each other that we have very minimal stress in our relationship today. That mixed with the natural spontaneity we both have makes for a very fun time.

Anonymous said...

No photo of your hair cutting skills :-)

TomboCheck said...

Dagny - I considered it, but we were both covered in hair. Tracking it through the house to get the camera didn't sound like a fun clean-up. :) The mo-hawk was FREAKIN AWESOME though! I tried in vain to get her to keep it.