Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, what the heck do I blog about?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately. I just don’t have much going on that I find interesting enough to natter on about.


So here is all the boring bits:

1. I’m reading lots still. Taking a break from war and peace (~600 pages in), and I’ve ready five others since putting it down. Another Vonnegut (I liked it more than Slaughterhouse), Zen and Now (didn’t like it as much as Zen), Basic Ideas (I severely disliked this book, for lots of reason), Sudden Awakening (cuz everybody needs a little spirituality), The Giver (read it as a kid, time to read it again).


I swear, I’m going to finish War and Peace though… hopefully soon.


2. To further feed the literary addiction, I have signed up for I list books I want to get rid of. People request said books. I ship said books. I get credit. I then request books from other people.  I now have Contact and Tortilla Flat on their way to me.


3. My ankle… yeah. After a full week of doing NOTHING physical I started going crazy. I tried walking a few blocks at some point during that week and almost cried. It stayed swollen longer than I expected. Then it bruised. A lot. Around the whole perimeter of my foot. It was like I had added blue and purple trim to my foot, but in a gross way. My mom says that means it was serious. :)


So, at long last, the swelling started going down, the bruising is now starting to fade, and I’m starting to exercise again. The gym doesn’t bother it much (squats are the only thing that hurt), but jogging is definitely something I will be slowly working back into. I’ve gotten back up to two miles. Hoping to do four by this weekend. I’m half-heartedly trying not to push too hard, but honestly? It feels so damn good to be moving around again that it is hard not to push it.


What the hell? For just hopping into a creek bed this thing sure was a bucket-full of trouble.


4. I’ve been cooking, but not keeping track of it. I made a baked chicken ziti, barbecue chicken, quinoa with turkey, chicken stir-fry, etc. I’ve got a 5-7 lb zucchini sitting at the house which I’m planning on baking up tomorrow. Tonight is steaks and veggies.


5. My diet has been steadily changing since I’ve moved. Not sure if it is just the new exercise routine, or just the need for a change.


LOTS of protein but very little red meat, which means lots of chicken/turkey and fish. And a scoop of whey protein powder every day.


Way more salad. Lettuce, avocado, cranberry, carrot, tomato, chicken, strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese, tuna or chicken, and no real dressing. I’ve been using either straight lime juice, or some balsamic vinegar with olive oil to dress it up.


I’m eating very little sugar. To the point where I actually crave candy bars, which never used to happen. Daily fruit intake is my main source of sugar.


I’m eating ALL THE TIME. Anywhere from five to EIGHT times a day. And whenever I’m not shoving food in my maw, I’m still hungry. If I didn’t feel so good I would think I had a tape worm.


6. Photography… what’s that? I haven’t picked up the camera since the photowalk.


The Chino Valley Fire service did use one of my older photos on a shirt for a fundraiser though. They were even nice enough to give me two shirts as payment! Maybe I’ll post some pics of those later? I think they rock.


7. I’ve started using facebook and twitter. That’s the majority of the socialization I’ve been getting lately, which is pretty sad. It’s also mostly nonsense that I post, so don’t get your hopes for intellectual stimulation up too high. :)


8. Scrappy-Doo remains an ever-faithful side-kick. Jogging 3 times a week, walks once or twice a week, and a few trips to the dog park knock some of the energy out of him, but not much. He is an energetic little son of a gun. Once the ankle feels good enough I’ll be heading out for more hikes, since that’s the best way I’ve found to wear him out.


Also – we found out that he is neurotic about balloons. Fill it half/half with helium and air, and you get a solid ten minutes of entertainment.


Once I settle in for the night to read a book or watch a movie he lays on the bed next to me and pretends to sleep. He’s such an awesome dog!




So, yeah. That’s about it. I’m alive, just boring. :)


quilteddogs said...

I sprained my ankle once (stepping off a curb) and the doc said that sprains can hurt worse and last longer than breaks. Huda thunk.

It's the heat. It's sapping the creativity and the motivation out of every living being.

What's the temp up there? I'll be up this weekend and hope it is less than 100.

TomboCheck said...

Quilteddogs - Funny, the little things that throw our bodies off, huh? Some normal, mundane task and all of a sudden we are on our butts.

As for the heat: I'm not complaining. I like the temps here in P-Town. Sitting just under triple digits pretty much every day. Definitely not like the valley, which is a bit warmer than I care for.

Jarart said...

Dogs are the best friends ever. Even when your laid up, they are there for you. Hope you get back on track soon.

Anonymous said...

I just saw you on Richs' podcast.

Please do show us the t-shirt the fire department did.

TomboCheck said...

Jarart - Yep, dogs rock! Now if I could just find some way to wear him out I'd be in good shape!

Jay - :) Yeah, I noticed he put me as the closing image on that podcast... ridiculous.

I'll see about taking some photos of the shirts this week.