Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Graffiti in Flagstaff

You all know I love graffiti. So here is some from downtown Flagstaff.


A wall dedicated to the spray can art:


Back alley patriotism. Ironically painted onto a government building:


Built up, ripped off, forgotten:


Railcar art:


And another from the rail yard:


Slightly more subtle defacement, and infinitely more entertaining:


And of course, the socially acceptable type of graffiti:


A little Ark action:


And my personal favorite. Something about the bandaged knee:


Granny J said...

Cool collection there...

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Julie!

Steve said...

I peruse your site on ocassion, and finally had to comment. Really enjoyed this post. Nice shots.

Steve in Germany

TomboCheck said...

Steve - Thanks and glad you commented! :) It's always interesting to talk to the people who visit this crazy blog.