Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Journal – Jogging

I let the cold wind buffet my bare skin before the sun rises. I take in all the smells of the lake and the trail. The cow pond poo smell, and the scent of motor oil in the dry creek beds I pass over. The odd twilight as colors begin to be revealed. They coalesce from that dark blue of night, and soon there exists vibrant green, pale orange, dark red.

Scrappy jogs ahead of me, then falls behind, sniffing the underbrush. Birds call out in surprise at our passing. Frogs croak out a welcome to daylight. A heron takes off from shore, no doubt preferring to avoid us. A deer too wishes to avoid us, as it bounds away with scrappy in quick pursuit.

The jog makes me feel alive. It gives so much more energy than it takes. The four hours of sleep will come back to haunt me this afternoon, but for now I am vibrating with life.

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