Monday, August 10, 2009

Pic of the day

Scrappy-Doo, enjoying the pond near Williams.

He made a bee-line for the mud right after this shot. :)


quilteddogs said...

Dogs really know how to live it up. Humans pay out the nose for a mud bath but dogs just seize the day.

nereus said...

Yo Tombo,

We shook hands in some sort of burger joint. After I described the situation the management suggested I invite you over for dinner some time.


TomboCheck said...

QD - Indeed, dogs do have a certain ability to live in the moment which is often lacking in humans. I ought to start taking lessons from him.

Nereus - Hey Russell! It was good to meet you as well. I'd love to do dinner. Just let me know a week or so out what works for you and I'll plan on it. :) Thanks!