Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guns, Guns, Guns

Saturday found me and Chris helping a new tenant transport a table to her house. Conversation progressed as it does, and eventually it turned to guns.


Stacy (the tenant) had never held a gun. She didn’t understand the reason for guns. She was mildly scared of guns. We decided to change all that. So we convinced her and a friend to come out shooting with us, along with our third room mate Steve.


And so we piled everybody into the 4Runner and headed off to Dosie Pit. I have to say, this girl must be pretty trusting, to take off with four guys into the middle of nowhere with a vehicle full of guns…


At first she watched us shoot around for a bit.

Sam (Stacy’s friend) had some fun with the Kimber .45:


Steve had some fun target shooting with the Ruger .22 rifle:


Chris played with his new Springfield .40 for the first time:

And after watching the boys all have a blast, Stacy decided to pony up to the .22. Trepidation was heavy in the air:


We taught her how to hold it, how to use the scope, and then set her loose. A smile grew quickly on her face.


Then we brought out the big gun; the 12 gauge shotgun.




With the obligatory ‘badass’ pose afterwards:


Chris showed Sam the proper technique for holding the firearm:


And he was soon rockin’ it like a pro:


Chris did some clay shooting, but I was too busy throwing clays to take pictures. :)


And then, we looked at Stacy… we asked if she was ready… she said okay, but only as long as she got to cock it, and make ‘the sound.’ How could we refuse? And so she got the walkthrough, was informed of what to expect when she pulled the trigger, and was ready to go.


Her stance was slightly less masculine, but we were just happy to see her with a big gun in her hands:

The smile on her face after firing off a round was huge.


As we neared the end of the day I gathered everybody together for a group shot, with guns in hand of course (check out the exposure test shot):


We picked up all our spent brass, loaded everybody into the truck, and headed home. I think Stacy left with a slightly better understanding of guns after we were done with her.


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quilteddogs said...

Except I can't believe you let that guy point the gun right at you!!! Lordy! :-)

I learned in my gun safety class (where I too learned not to be afraid of guns) that that is a BIG no no.

TomboCheck said...

QuiltedDogs - I personally verified that the weapons were empty before letting them be pointed at me. I may be crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy. :)

Daly said...

Oh what a fun time!! Thanks for sharing.

TomboCheck said...

Daly - my pleasure. :)