Friday, October 23, 2009

My top five images on flickr

I love seeing which images get viewed on my photo stream. Some of them are ones that I love. Some of them just make me go ‘huh?’.


1. Definitely a ‘huh’ image, with 3009 views since posting it in August of last year. Also somehow made Flickr’s Explore list for a short time. Rasta:


2. One of my favorite shots, just because of how temporary the moment was. A few hours later and the plane was gone. 2182 views since posting in May 2008. May Day:


3.  708 views on this SRX shot from December. A decent shot, but not something i thought was amazing. Yamaha SRX-6:


4. Another shot from vacation last December, with 637 views. WTF? It’s a coin, why is that popular? Its not even particularly sharp. Coins:


5. Now this one I TOTALLY loved when I shot it. From the photowalk in ‘08, and another that somehow made it into explore for a day even with only 381 views. Fluff:


Which of your photos get the most views?


Ric said...

I haven't checked in a couple months, but our most-viewed photo on Flickr was one I took of our toaster that we bought with Christmas money (along with a bunch of other kitchen-type stuff). The only reason those were ever on Flickr was to show the people who gave us the money what it went for.

So yea. Thousands of pictures from two continents and everyone wants to look at a toaster. "Huh" indeed.

TomboCheck said...

Ric - LOVE IT! Just goes to show you how random the internet is.