Thursday, October 1, 2009

A picture filled day.

Oh my god, I think I might be done with sorting / editing / uploading vacation photos! I’ve whittled it down from ~600 shots to a meager 85 or so. Some artsy, others not. Mostly a whole bunch of random.

So forgive me, as I dump a bunch of picture-filled posts on the blog while everything is fresh in my mind. Then I can move onto all the other photos filling up my memory cards. :)


Cathy said...

I am finding selecting, renaming, organizing, and posting pictures from our last trip seems to averaging about 2 to 3 hours per day of shooting when both Hubby Rich and I were shooting. I think I will write a blog entry on the subject. I would love to hear about what tasks you impose on yourself and how long it takes.

Cathy of

TomboCheck said...

Cathy - I generally average 4-6 of PP hours per full day of shooting. Probably about half of that is just choosing the keepers, as I get a little trigger happy with a camera in my hands.

First thing I generally do is make my HDR images, which entails merging exposures in Photoshop, making sure that there's no weird ghosted objects. Then tone-map them in Photomatix, save it as a JPG.

Then I import all my shots into Lightroom and start picking the keepers. After I get my selections I apply general edits within lightroom. I dislike the way LR colors my RAW files so I've got a preset which brings it closer to what I see on the LCD of the camera. Then I crop each shot to whatever I like, adjust the exposure and color temp/saturation in LR.

After that I export to JPG, and start editing individual files in photoshop. Generally some LucisArts filter, or TopazAdjust. Noise reduction, sharpening, selective exposure corrections.

From there it is off to Flickr where they are all named, described, tagged, and organized into sets.