Thursday, August 12, 2010

It draws near

I’ve set my departure date as Monday, August 16th. Monday, a scant four days from now. It rushes towards me at alarming speed. As you might expect, there have been some wrenches thrown in the works. The little Mazda truck that I bought? Yeah, that isn’t going to work out as my travel truck. A few small problems have come up that I simply don’t have time to deal with, and so now I try to find a purchaser for it. I have to decided to instead take the 4Runner on this journey, and have nearly gotten it squared away for the trip.


The dog is getting restless at mom’s house. He seems to sense that there is something ahead, and he is anxious to get started. So am I. I fill my days with all the small errands that I perceive as necessary. I sign up for a new bank account, I forward my mail, and get rid of as many bills as I can. I buy the last minute items for the trip, and try to get rid of the items I don’t need. I consolidate down to the minimum for travel so that I may have enough room to sleep in the runner. I go to the gym in an attempt to push the anxiety out of myself. I see friends for what may be the last time. I try to enjoy my last few days in Prescott.


Not much else to report. I sit on the cusp of this trip with very little idea of where I am going or why. I know simply that it is time to go.


froggz1098 said...

Hey just don't go and try to live in the Alaskan Wilderness! K!? ;)
Chris McCandless' story is so interesting. Have you been keeping up with Hobo Matt? I think it would be awesome to do what either of them did/are doing, except of course living in the Alaskan wilderness... And what you are doing sounds like quite an adventure also!
Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your adventures...if you're planning on sharing them! :)

megan said...

hey good luck tom! do you have a time frame at all?? wow!! carpe diem and be safe friend!

BIG SKY CHEF said...

Keep the Blog rollin...Log in as Johnny Quest

Jarart said...

Be safe and I hope you find what you are searching for. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Alaska would be a wonderful place to land. Don't be worried about trying it if you have the mind set.
I have picked up and just driving several times thru out my life and
every time was awesome.
Take your time and enjoy every mile of the adventure.

Chickenbells said...

I'm so excited for you're going to have a grand adventure for sure!!

TomboCheck said...

Brandy - :) I think I'm looking for something a little different than Chris McCandless. I don't think my something is going to take me to Alaska for a while.

Megan - thanks! No time frame. I'm going until I get sick of it.

Tom, Jarart and Sadira - Thanks!

Nathan - good advice, thank you.

Sam Kissinger said...

You should be proud of yourself, my friend. Not many people have the stones to do what you are doing; risking comfort and security to ride headlong into the inky blackness of uncertainty. Godspeed. I hope to see you in Albuquerque at some point. You're always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Sam said; good luck and have fun

Ric said...

Just to chime in and say Good Luck and godspeed. We just landed in Florida ourselves. If you happen to wander close to Mickey's house, give a shout!

TomboCheck said...

Sam - none too sure it is the 'intelligent' choice, but it certainly feels like the 'right' choice.

Ric - I certainly will give y'all a shout if/when I get near FL. Thanks!