Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Picture dump from a few days of this trip

After Big Sur it was a trip up to Monterey to putz around for a bit. I went down to Cannery Row, and was quite underwhelmed. But then again I don’t like shopping:



So we went to watch the water for a few hours, which was much more my cup of tea:



We woke up WAY too early, after sleeping in a nearby wal-mart parking lot, so went by the docks to check it out before parking got crazy. It was a bunch of boats:



We explored some of the nearby small towns, which was great. I saw my first paddle-surfer in Capitola:



Saw my first lighthouse of the trip too:



We went to Donny Boon beach, where the clothing is optional. I decided to keep mine on. The waves here were amazing:



Then we headed north out of town. Ended up spending hours just watching a bunch of kite surfers:



and some wind surfers as well:



From there it was finding a place to bed down on a side road. A few hours of sleep, and then it was off to San Francisco!


Anonymous said...

Donny Boon -> Bonny Doon

Actually all of the beaches on that part of the coast, except for the developed ones (i.e. have parking/toilets) are clothes optional

Before Prescott we spent 7 years in SF, been all over that coast. And I see in your next post you get to spend some time with the hipsters in Dolores Park. We lived for a while in SOMA, due East, right next to the Bay Bridge.

Don't know how far north you are going but it stays beautiful all the way up.

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Anon! Yep, had a good ol' time with the hipsters, and overall the entire city was very interesting.

And I'm going all the way to the canadian border before hanging a right, so I look forward to more and more of this gorgeous coast. :)