Monday, December 6, 2010

And now – It’s cold and I’m in New Orleans

A quick change in temperature as I drive north and west. 55 one night, the next – 35. This is what I have to look forward to until I get back to AZ. I suppose it’s time to adjust.


It’s hard to complain too much though, I get a show every day of beautiful scenery, and last night was no exception. The sun made a grand exit last night as I got ready to bed down in Mississippi:



And then exploded into color:



This morning I find myself in New Orleans. Trying to get my bearings to figure out what I want to photograph and where I want to go. It should be a fun few days.


megan said...

wow, tom! i am so in awe of this trip! good work gettin' out and about!!

TomboCheck said...

Well thanks Megan! And congrats to you on the raven show. I'm hoping it's still up when I get back to town for christmas so I can check it out. :)