Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prescott wandering

I ask my friend Marilyn if she is interested in walking around Prescott and shooting photos with me. I know her from dance class, she is amazing, and she just got a new camera. I figure it will be fun.  She agrees to come out, and we meander through downtown Prescott for a few hours.


We see flours of the real kind:



And flowers of a different kind:



We see splatters of color in the gloomy day:



And brokedown vehicles:



And some fallen brickwork in the creek:



We wrapped up our walk with a quick portrait on the roof of the parking garage, thumb butte in the background:



I had a blast hanging out and catching up with this fun gal, not to mention getting back out into my hometown. ,


Catalyst said...

Lunch tomorrow, right?

TomboCheck said...

I'm still on for lunch if you are up for it. Snowing in town though. Give me a call and let me know. (928)710-2102